Next project already in progress. The well is very open and looks delicate. In fact the ribs make the car surprisingly strong. Where are the weights? in the car sides. In fact the prototype well sides are much thinnner (1/2") but I used the sides to hold the lead weights. This makes the sides around 6" thick, adding 1' to the overall width of the car. I find this less distracting than using a weight under the well ribs that will obscure the view through the car.

An example of the construction drawings I make when I build these cars.

The earlier carbody. Spotting features; end platforms, angled wheel well area, single step stirrups.

The later carbody. Spotting features; end platforms, rounded wheel well area, holes in car sides, two step stirrups.

The trucks with the yaw dampers. Yaw dampers help minimize truck hunting thus reduce wear and tear on wheels & rail.
Truck for CP524176 on left, for CP524374 on right. The only difference is the two round nubs beside the base of the springs on the truck to the right.
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